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A Noiseless Patient Spider essays In this poem, the writer is comparing the life of a noiseless patient spider to his own life and his lost, detached soul. The writer. Huge assortment of examples to help you write an essay.

A Noiseless Patient Spider Themes

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Get an idea for your paper. The poem can be read in a number of ways resulting in a number of interpretations. However, this is not what is. Free Essays from AntiEssays predatory invertebrate, better known as the spider. A Noiseless Patient Spider. It is the quality of the explorer not to get tired while exploring vast surrounding. The explorer, the scientist, or the philosopher is like the spider who stands isolated, but patiently they try to connect themselves with vacant surrounding.

For some explorer, search of invisible, unknown and unidentified become the subject of curiosity.

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Only those people can be successful to connect themselves to the measureless world who work tirelessly, holding patience with them. The poet is trying to idolize an insect spider.

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Actually, the spider is a symbol for all them who works continuously and are isolated from others. In the poem the spider has been used as an analogy to refer the restlessness of the human soul. As the speaker noticed, a noiseless patient spider stood isolated on a little cliff to explore the vacant and vast surrounding. It went on lunching filament out of itself tirelessly. It tried to connect those filaments to each other. The spider had vigor, patient, and energetic in speeding his work. This poem is linguistically brilliant in its composition. The poem is composed in two stanzas, each containing five lines.

The poetic lines are different in their length.

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  • The formula of composing the first stanza has been copied in the second one. The use of alliteration, apostrophe, and repetition are the major features in this poem. The poet also comes to ask rhetorical questions. The first stanza is in the mode of descriptive narration.

    A Noiseless Patient Spider Themes

    The speaker centers himself to discuss the spider, which is noiseless and patient. Similarly, the technique of repetition is highly valorized in the fourth line. The word 'filament' has been repeated three times to signify tirelessness of the patient spider in his exploration.

    In the first stanza, the word "promontory" has been used to signal the setting of the spider. The selection of diction is also quite fantastic in the first stanza.

    A noiseless patient spider

    The words like 'explore' and 'launch' give the impression of scientific search by an explorer. In such a context, the spider has been symbolically represented as either a scientist or researcher.

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