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The subtle nuances of personality are the strongest building block of a unique identity. A drink of choice tells others how we choose to relax or have fun. Think about Bond… James Bond. He takes his martinis shaken not stirred. Who wins and why? So, believe it or not, even this little detail can help craft your character, even your world! Do they drink too much or at an inappropriate time? And what would be their go-to flavor? We all have a favorite drink.

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So should your character. The qualities we admire about our parents may sometimes reveal where we think we may lack. The choices we make in our lives will be influenced by this view about our parents. Therefore, our characters should have the same predicament if this applies to their situation. Or if they already have a family, do they enjoy family life or regret it?

Two of your closest friends have been fighting with one another. To make things right? Is your involvement going to be appreciated or resented?


Is your character this same type of person? Or as intrusive and meddling? It also takes learning how to write unique dialogue, how to give your character a specific goal, how to give your character truly challenging conflict and much more. Receive regular updates and insights about this course. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. I'm totes in! Your email address will not be published. I believe all teens can write fandom-worthy fiction. Read more about my mission in the About page and get started on your road to fandom-worthiness.

Bilbo Baggins. Citra Terranova. Princess Leia.

40 Surprisingly Defining Questions to Ask Your Characters

Edmond Dantes. Jane Eyre.

What is your darkest childhood memory? Why this question? What bad habit are you struggling to overcome? Why does your journey matter to you personally? What does a perfect world look like to you? What smell or scent reminds you of your childhood home? What is your biggest regret? Who was your childhood sweetheart? What do you fear losing the most? Is there a secret spot you like to retreat to?

Character Development: Questions for Creating Realistic Characters | FreelanceWriting

If there is, why that spot? Do you have a family member that's ever let you down?

If so, how has that affected you? Are you afraid to be alone? Are you proud of who you are? What keeps you up at night? What was your favorite stuffed animal or toy as a kid? What was your worst injury ever? What song makes you think of your crush? What was your bravest moment? Who can make you smile no matter how bad you feel? What is one thing you always carry with you? Who is one person you would never ever want to see again? What, to you, is the worst way to die? You can bring one person back to life. Who would you choose and why? Is it easy to admit when you've made a mistake?

Is it easy for you to forgive others? You're on your death bed.

Character Questions Others Have Asked

Who do you want by your side? Your childhood bully has grown up to be a philanthropist. Do you praise him and give to his cause? Or do you turn a shoulder to him and scoff? Who would you want to raise your child if you die unexpectedly? Do you suffer from a reoccurring nightmare? If so, what happens in it? What do you notice first about a person? After earning a law degree, Mr Hirokane spent four years at Matsushita, a giant conglomerate, before becoming a manga artist—a radical career shift, particularly in Japan.

But his success meant that life imitated art, and he emerged as a business savant. Mr Hirokane sits on government committees, interviews the bosses of big Japanese firms and spent a year as a professor of business ethics. Some of Mr Shima's exploits raise questions about his suitability for his new role.

He divorced his wife and all but ignored his family. He fathered an illegitimate child. In his 40s, as a rising executive, he had an affair with a subordinate 20 years his junior who happened to be the daughter of the firm's founder. More controversially, in Mr Shima solicited the help of the Chinese underworld to aid a colleague seeking revenge against a corrupt businessman, which resulted in that man's torture and death.

In the s the president of Hatsushiba sought to defend a former friend's company that was under threat of a hostile takeover, and dispatched Mr Shima to spare no expense and buy up its shares. Mr Shima was venerated for his success. Yet his actions represented a blatant conflict of interest and a misuse of corporate funds.

In the West, the pair would have faced shareholder lawsuits and possibly criminal charges. When confronted with this, a wide-eyed Mr Hirokane can only stammer that Mr Shima's actions were probably allowed in Japan at the time. But his very presence in the boss's chair is improbable. His career has been defined by a willingness to break the rules of Japanese business, rather than play the game.

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His story is popular because it juxtaposes a dashing lifestyle with the unflattering reality of corporate Japan. It would have been more realistic if Mr Shima had been forced to end his career parked at an obscure affiliate company in the hinterland. With the ascension of the archetypal corporate rebel to the top job, Mr Shima's story has gone from smart social realism to being just another fairy tale.

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