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Unfortunately, as everyone knows today, the unprecedented nature of his rise is rivaled only by his stunning fall from grace.

Though he won his next few fights, his career was derailed by his conviction for raping Desiree Washington, landing him in prison for 3 of his prime fighting years. When Tyson got out of prison, his career simply became surreal.

When Mike Tyson hired Donald Trump as his adviser

American Legends: The Life of Mike Tyson looks at the life and career of Iron Mike both inside and outside of the ring, including all his famous ups and infamous downs. This book is a short read in to mike Tyson's life it tells you the out line of what went on great for a short read!

Tyson you legend!!! Customer Reviews See All. I am not going to bring up Don King, Robin Givens, his rape conviction or anything else because everybody has troubles in their life. Great fighters overcome their problems whereas not so great fighters use their problems as an excuse and let it get the best of them.

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Ruddock was a big puncher but only threw one punch at a time and was made for Tyson. When Cus got Mike, he let him do as he pleased. He never set any boundaries for his behavior which ultimately led to his downfall. Being a legendary champion is about more than ability. It is something inside that refuses to allow you to get discouraged or give up, because you know deep down that you can overcome anything.


Mike Tyson lacked that quality. In the second Holyfield fight, Tyson bit him so he had an excuse, a way out.


The head butts were why he bit him. Was it that fight where Tyson was cut, knocked down or behind on points and he came back to win? Never happened. Was it that fight where he came back to avenge a loss?

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In other words, Ali beat the best fighters of his generation. He never fought Bowe but he was trounced by Holyfield and Lewis! July 6, The Grueling Truth. Home Podcast. Hot Take Machine-Linebackers.

Saturday Seminole Summary: Martin Jr. Mike Tyson Career.

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