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He did not even know that she was a potential wife. God chose to bless the generosity of Boaz by giving him the young, beautiful woman as his wife. Boaz was just being generous — not expecting anything in return for his kindness — but God chose to bless Boaz with a wife. God promises to reward generosity Proverbs By lunchtime, all the work was done, and the dad called the boys to the table.

Dery was about to complain, but then he thought that it would be better to be quiet. He knew he had been given the amount he had agreed to work for. After all, there had been many times his father had been generous with him, too.

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God wants us to be content with what we have rather than complaining and looking at how generous He has been to others. As long as we are comparing what we have to what others have, we will never be content. He wanted it because he thought that he could make money by laying his hands on people and filling them with the Holy Spirit, too.

Peter told Simon that he had the wrong motivation for wanting the power of the Holy Spirit. Lazarus was a very unfortunate beggar who was poor and sick. But there was also a rich man who did not share even the crumbs from his table with Lazarus. Years later, after the rich man and Lazarus had died, the rich man was suffering in hell and Lazarus was in heaven. A man came to Jesus, hoping that Jesus would make his brother share his inheritance with him. Jesus told him a story about a rich man who had such a large harvest from his crops that he had to build more storehouses to hold all his grain and his many possessions.

Then God said to the man that his life would be taken from him that night. The rich young man had lived a very righteous life, but he had one problem — he loved money.

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Jesus asked him to sell all he had and give it to the poor. God looks at what is in our hearts, not just at what we do. God wants us to love Him more than we love money or anything else. All Rights Reserved.

Search Search. How to use the ideas presented in Kids of Integrity You don't have to be "super spiritual" to use Kids of Integrity effectively. Where to begin First, prayerfully decide which character attribute you should focus on. Lesson components Each character trait lesson has twelve different components which are explained further below. Planning tools Parents' prayer Kids talk with God Speak a blessing Memory verses Kick-off craft Bible stories Creative discipline Hands-on options Recommended resources Planning tools Every character trait lesson provides two blank planning cards.

Kids talk with God The kids talk with God section will help kids learn to pray and to invite the Holy Spirit to help them change their attitudes and actions. Speak a blessing Changing old habits is hard work, and your child will need encouragement. Memory verses We suggest that you choose at least one verse of Scripture to memorize early in your lesson. Kick-off craft Once you have selected your memory verse, try to complete the kick-off craft early in the course of your lesson, since the activity is a good way to introduce your chosen character attribute.

Bible stories As you read your preferred Bible story, try to bring the story to life for your children. Here are some ideas you can try: Use toys to act out the story. Then, have your kids act out the story themselves as you read it once more. Select one or two props for an object lesson.

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For example, have each child hold a rock as you read about hard-heartedness. Read with exaggerated expression, projecting intense excitement or quiet tenderness, as appropriate. Try different times of the day for your Bible story. Kids who are tired at bedtime may quickly forget the details. Creative discipline Even young children need to be taught the truth about sin and its consequences, and the rewards God promises for those who repent and make better decisions in the future. Hands-on options The activities listed in the hands-on options section help you turn everyday situations and tasks into fun, creative lessons for your children.

Recommended resources Each character trait lesson includes a list of books, DVDs and CDs you may wish to use to reinforce the trait you are studying. First Name. Last Name. Email Address. Subscriptions Focus on Parenting Focus on Marriage. Bible stories.

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This section provides Bible stories with the theme of generosity, along with questions you can use as a guide for family discussions. Choose one that is most appropriate for your children. Before reading aloud, take a few minutes to review the story. Would you share with someone who never shared with you? Would God want you to? A generous promise Questions for discussion What is a promise?

What does God do for those who are generous? On the other hand, what happens to those who are selfish? What will others do because of our generosity? Key concepts God is generous and He wants us to be generous too. Questions for discussion What were the Israelites commanded to do when harvesting sheaves, grain, olives and grapes?

Who would benefit from the harvesting not being as thorough as it could have been? Why were they commanded to be considerate of those less fortunate? Who are the poor in our community? How can we be intentionally considerate of these people?

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Key concepts Essentially, God commanded the Israelites to be generous with others because when they were slaves in Egypt, they were at the mercy of the Egyptians. How was Boaz generous to Ruth and her mother-in-law? How did God choose to bless Boaz for his generosity?

Key concepts Boaz was a successful farmer. But it's not fair! Questions for discussion What would you do if the same thing happened at our house?

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How do you feel when someone else gets more than you do? What does Jesus say about those who are always looking out for what others get instead of appreciating what they were given? Key concepts God wants us to be content with what we have rather than complaining and looking at how generous He has been to others.

Why did Simon want it? What did Peter say to him? Do you think God would forgive Simon if Simon asked Him to? Questions for discussion What did the rich man have?

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What did Lazarus have? What happened after they died? Where did Lazarus go? Where did the rich man go? What did the rich man ask for?