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Billys Bucket

The third guard dropped his gun and threw up his hands. Billy told him to fill the empty saddle bags with pennies, which he did very quickly.

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Billy knew that the sheriff and a posse of men would soon be after him. He headed Lightning in a straight line towards his Missouri hideout as fast as he could run. About ten or twelve miles from town he noticed Lightning was slowing down. He knew he had to do something with the pennies fast or else the sheriff would soon catch them. Billy rode across the farm that now belongs to me. He was a big ditch with a lot of soft sand in it.

He buried the saddlebags full of pennies int he sand and rode on towards home. Without the extra weight of the pennies they easily outran the posse and soon were safe in Missouri. Billy waited nearly a year before returning to Iowa to dig up his treasure. When he got to the sandy ditch, things looked different. The heavy rains of summer had shifted the sand around. When he dug where he thought the pennies should be, he found nothing.

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He walked up and down the ditch looking and digging, but all he found was a handful of pennies that the water had left on top of the sand. Mallanie was right. When Billy got home with his handful of pennies, he was able to sell them to coin collectors for a good price. If only he had all of his pennies he would be a rich man.

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Every year a little before Halloween, and after the summer rains, Billy returned to Iowa to look for his treasure. He was a little superstitious about Halloween, probably because of his bad luck with the train robbery, so he always planned to be back in Missouri before Halloween. The trip was always pretty much the same.

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  • Billy always hoped to find the saddle bags full of money. He would walk up and down the ditch, looking and digging, but all he could ever find was a few pennies that the water had left on top of the sand. Several years went by and old age was beginning to show on Lightning and Wolf. He had to be a little careful who he picked fights with. Another summer rolled by and it came time for Billy to make his yearly trip to Iowa. He saddled up Lightning, called Wolf, and headed North. They reached the ditch on October 31, the weather was beautiful.

    Billy had seen several flocks of geese flying South and the squirrels seemed busier than ever gathering nuts.

    Billy's Search for Florida Undersea Treasure

    He reckoned it was that time of year. He got out his shovel and started digging and looking for pennies. The next thing he knew, it was pouring down rain. The temperature began to drop quickly, and the light rain turned to snow. Billy realized this could be serious, he had no warm, dry clothes and it would soon be dark. Billy had never seen anything like this in his life, the wind was getting even stronger and the cold was unbearable.

    Old Wolf was whining and Lightning was shivering so, he could hardly stand up. He had Lightning lay down in the bottom of the ditch in hopes that the ditch bank would shelter him from the fierce wind.