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She is a woman we can all follow by example. Only God knew that because of her choice Jesus would come from her family line. Jakes challenges us like Ruth to live a life that is destined for God. Her questions at the end of the chapters were convicting because it allowed you to see where you are with God. There is no room for lies when you want to be what God has called to be. As a single woman it was a reminder that Ruth did not go looking for a husband but God provided her with one.

She was just doing what God wants her to be doing and he answered her need. Jakes pointed out something in this story that I missed. I am reminded of I Cor.

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Love truly protects. There are two sentences that inspired me in this book.

He is the one that is molding us. We are fearfully and wonderfully made by you and he has given us his stamp of approval. Often the things we spend a lifetime trying to hide are the very tools we need to become who God called us to be. Page Restoration. It is the moment when God shows you that you lost nothing in the process. Anonymous More than 1 year ago. MelissaF More than 1 year ago I have always loved the book of Ruth. What Sarah did in Colliding with Destiny is take the scriptures apart and then write a short chapter reflecting on how these words can apply to our lives today.

She takes examples from her own life and shares her mistakes, regrets and deepest hurts. You could easily make this book a daily devotional as most of the chapters are only a couple of pages long. There is also a short prayer at the end of each chapter.

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Sarah gave me some new insights into this familiar, yet powerful, story. If you enjoy the book of Ruth and encouraged by her I recommend this book as another way to delve into these scriptures. A copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review. Jenpcv More than 1 year ago I recently read Colliding with Destiny, which is a 31 chapter study on the book of Ruth written by Sarah Jakes. I ended up consuming the book rather quickly, taken in by the honest writing of Jakes and the compelling story of Ruth.

And though I have read the book of Ruth before, with Jakes' commentary, it was almost like reading a new story. When I first began reading, I found the structure of the book to be strange, with each chapter being only pages long in general. However, I found myself enjoying the layout, and I think it would make a wonderful morning devotional.

Each chapter starts with a few verses from the book of Ruth.

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Then Jakes shares a short personal anecdote which she beautifully relates to the scripture. After a commentary on the few verses, which often includes cultural references from the time of Ruth, Jakes provides a journal prompt and several questions. I really enjoyed this study and loved the personal touches Jakes added to the book.

She wove many stories from her life, and I found myself wanting to know more. I'd love to read Sarah Jakes biography after reading Colliding with Destiny. My favorite part of this book is that Jakes took and a very old story and turned it into something very relevant in our modern world. And aesthetically, this book is beautiful, from the cover to the headings and embellishments inside.

It was obvious a lot of effort went into the writing and presentation of the book, which was lovely. I would recommend this book to any woman seeking to dive deep into the book of Ruth and her legacy. It would make a wonderful month-long devotional, or even a Bible study. Undoubtedly, anyone who reads this book will take something away from it. I received a complimentary copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest review. Anonymous More than 1 year ago My mother and I have been studying Ruth.

Basically we are in love with Ruth and her tale. It has stuck with me after reading it. Such things help to put our lives in perspective. The author used examples from the Bible and from her personal life to weave a narrative both insightful and enthralling. I will be sharing some of the things I learned with people who I know are also struggling in their lives, and I highly recommend this book.

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