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Written statements Rule Javier Nart, ponente. Las monedas virtuales, las plataformas de crowdfundig son utilizadas por los terroristas. Gracias a todos ellos. Julian King, Member of the Commission. We need to close down the space in which they can do this. Countering terrorist financing is not only about limiting their capacity to act, but also about, as we have just heard, using financial intelligence to detect and stop terrorists before they act. Recent attacks perpetrated in Europe have been financed with relatively small sums of money, and that poses some new challenges to those who are working on the front line to prevent terrorist attacks.

We need to give law enforcement and our public authorities the tools they need to do their job and to help keep us safe.

Board of Directors

So I very much welcome the timely recommendations in this report. Tackling terrorist financing is a high priority for all of us. From the Commission side, it is a key part of our work to build an effective security union. That covers a range of different measures: preventing the misuse of the financial system for money laundering and terrorist financing; increasing cooperation and the exchange of information between competent authorities, in particular financial intelligence units; tracing the financial movements of terrorists; improving the effectiveness of asset-freezing systems; reinforcing the judicial response to terrorist financing and money laundering; supporting third countries in countering terrorist financing and money laundering in their implementation of the Financial Action Task Force standards; supporting customs authorities with tools to identify sources of revenue of terrorist organisations; and supporting third countries as they engage with international partners, not only through the FATF, as I mentioned, but also other bodies such as the Anti-ISIS Coalition working group on countering financing of terrorism, and indeed the work that is done in the framework of the G We welcome the emphasis in the report on information-sharing, in particular among financial intelligence units, as well as other national agencies.

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We welcome your support for the establishment of central bank account registries. I am glad to say, as announced in the Commission work programme for this year, we will soon present initiatives to improve cross-border access to financial data for law enforcement authorities. This will include measures to facilitate access to national centralised bank account registries and retrieval systems within Member States.

We will also propose measures to improve the cooperation between law enforcement authorities and the various financial intelligence units. We take note of the call for increasing monitoring of prepaid cards. The Fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directive is a step forward, I think, in reinforcing the transparency around this means of payment. With its list of non-cooperative jurisdictions, the EU is also acting to increase the exchange of information on tax matters with third countries, as you have been discussing.

This will help national administrations to detect the presence of illicit money and money-laundering. We appreciate the emphasis on hawala. In the supranational risk assessment of money laundering and terrorism financing risks, the Commission recommended that hawala service providers should apply the requirements related to money-transfer systems under the payment services directive and the Anti-Money Laundering Directive, and we are committed to keeping this particular sector under close review.

In relation to high-value goods, I would like to underline that the proposal to amend the Cash Control Regulation expands the definition of cash to gold and other high-value commodities. We appreciate your support for our proposed regulation on the import of cultural goods. This issue remains of high importance in addressing the problem of cultural goods being illegally taken from third countries, from their proper historical and archeological context, and being brought to the EU.

This can in turn foster organised crime, terrorist financing, money laundering and tax evasion. Some other new measures you suggest merit further analysis. We will take a careful look at them and we will come back to you on them. Countering financing of terrorism is a core component of the EU strategy in the fight against terrorism and hence in our work to build an effective security union.

As the terrorists and their supporters constantly modify and change the ways they collect, move and get access to funds, we need to be ready to adopt and adapt our response.


The EU needs to adapt its instruments and measures to deprive terrorists of the space and the means they use as they seek to do us harm. I count on your continued support as we take this work forward. Despite the defeat of ISIS, we are not in a position to declare victory over terrorism. Instead, we should learn from both the rise and fall of Islamic State.

One lesson is that the combination of military means and cutting off the financial lifeblood of ISIS has paved the way for its departure. Another lesson is that, after the dismantling of an organisation like ISIS, there will be a vacuum.

Discours Sur Limp C3 B4t Des Boissons

Certain actors will do their utmost to fill that space with new Jihadist organisations, and for that they will need money. Cutting the funding sources of terrorist networks should therefore be considered a key priority. It constitutes an effective tool, hampering the effectiveness of these networks. To achieve this, implementation is crucial: the Member States, for instance, should deliver when it comes to the exchange of intelligence.

With common efforts, the EU is able to cope with the bloodstream of Jihadism: the capital flow that today finances international terrorism. I believe this has led to a good report with realistic recommendations. The changes we suggested in this report can be embraced by law-enforcement bodies across Europe, for example by creating a platform where data can be shared.

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  8. The small amounts of money that are needed for terrorists to carry out their criminal acts in our cities mean that we need to be better at monitoring even small transactions, including traditional forms of exchange, such as hawala. We also need to recognise that Daesh move money into legitimate businesses but in countries with weak institutions, which is why we need to support institution-building in fragile states.

    This report also stresses that, while we must deal with terrorist financing, it is ultimately through tackling the root causes of poverty, social exclusion and human rights abuses that we will defeat the destructive ideology that breeds terrorism. I have mentioned just a few of the examples of the practical solutions that are outlined in this report. Our citizens rightly expect us to keep them safe, and that is why I believe this report is important.

    It is a demonstration of the practical ways that the EU works for the people across Europe. I too welcome many of the recommendations in the Nart report and strongly support the overall endorsement of greater cooperation amongst the EU Member States in this area. As the UK leaves the EU, external and internal security will be one of the key areas where it is vital, no matter what else transpires for Britain, to stay plugged in.

    Finding ways to ensure data protection regulation alignment between the UK and the EU post-Brexit will also be one of the keys to unlocking coordination in the long term between the EU 27 and a post-Brexit Britain. Gracias Javier. Collega's, de burgers vragen ons natuurlijk om op te treden tegen terroristen en dus moeten we er ook voor zorgen dat we de financiering van de terroristen droogleggen. Ze zijn heel concreet, mijnheer de commissaris. U heeft ze opgesomd: meer controle op de grote en, zoals de anderen zeggen, de kleine transacties. Meer controles op die prepaidkaarten.

    Kijken welke giften er naar het buitenland gaan. We moeten niet onnozel zijn. Terroristen hebben financiering nodig als ze terroristische aanslagen willen plegen. Maar, collega's, ik wil vandaag nog een stap verder gaan. Daarom wil ik van dit moment vandaag gebruikmaken om nog eens een statement te maken. We moeten verder gaan. We moeten gaan naar een echte Europese inlichtingendienst. We know sympathisers raise funds across the globe and extort money through kidnapping and other crimes to support these wicked people.

    It is imperative that we prevent jihadists from controlling such areas and incumbent on nation states — not the European Union — to protect their citizens by empowering their military forces to take whatever necessary action. Dominique Martin, au nom du groupe ENF. Mais que nous proposez-vous? Que nous proposez-vous? Os nossos Estados-Membros continuam a recusar as reformas que foram propostas no sistema de IVA para obviar a isto.

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    Toch komt het woord islam precies nul keer terug in het verslag, nul keer. Wat dit Parlement doet is niet meer dan een druppel op een gloeiende plaat. De titel van dat verslag is goed. De inhoud is volstrekt onvoldoende. Er wordt gesproken over onzinnige termen als islamofobie en zogenaamde aanvallen op moslims. Voorzitter, dat zijn niet mijn gegevens, maar de gegevens van Europol. Critici krijgen een stempel opgedrukt islamofoob te zijn, terwijl de echte oorzaak, de islam, niet wordt benoemd.

    Het is de omgekeerde wereld. Voorzitter, wat ons betreft is er geen plaats in Europa voor jihadisten en geradicaliseerde moslims en worden de grenzen onmiddellijk gesloten. De pynter ikke i bybilledet, men de er der af en grund: For at beskytte os mod terror, for at stoppe dem, der vil os det ondt! This situation cannot continue, Commissioner.


    The fight against Daesh and Al-Qaeda should remain at the top of the security agenda in Europe, but of course in the Middle East as well, and not be diverted, especially in the Middle East, to pursuing particular political and sectarian agendas of the regional actors. I strongly believe that, in our fight against terrorists, we need to focus our efforts on police and judicial cooperation and on exchanging information and data and good practices so as to strengthen synergies in the global ….

    Dakle, jedno ovdje govorimo, drugo radimo. Dakle, prema svima bi trebali biti isti zakoni. I want to caution against the suggestion that in some way we have a defeated Daesh. We have made very welcome progress on the ground against the so-called caliphate, but Jihadi extremist terrorism remains active in a number of countries and the terrorist threat — including to us here in Europe — remains very high.