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Leute, Ferien, Schulden, Unterlagen.

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Words that occur exclusively in just Cardinal numbers zwei and ordinal numbers zweit one register and words that do not occur in at least have been combined as have close derivatives, e. The frequency count for eins is not accurate excluded. In many cases these words have English Particle German has several classes of particles, including a class known as modal particles. Modal particles, e. An approximate English translation is given for most of them. In cases of doubt no range information is given.

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This a good textbook, and other support material that can information is not given. Furthermore, German be helpful for learning German. The principal prepositions generally have a variety of meanings, but information the book can provide is to know which it is not possible to show this in a simple entry.

The sample sentences make most of the distinctions clear. Simply selecting a certain number of words and memorizing them may not be as productive as selecting those words and using them as the basis for a discovery experience. Find them in the index of your textbook Verb and see how they are used there. Many verbs in German are irregular, more of the words in the dictionary, the better you i. Infoboxes and will be able to understand and speak the German special lists are provided for the highest frequency language. References Aston, Guy and Lou Burnard Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Most words in the list occur in all of the text registers Press.

These words are said to have a broad lexical range. Some words, however, occur numerous times in just a few texts and therefore have a narrow range. Words that occur 90 per cent or more in just one register are considered over-represented in that Francis, W. Words that Jones, Randall L.

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In under-represented and are marked with a —, e. Anne Wichmann et al. London: Longman, pp. Rosengren, Inger Amsterdam: Rodopi, pp. Kaeding, F. Steglitz bei Berlin: self-published. Meier, Helmut Deutsche Sprachstatistik. Hildesheim: Georg Olms.

Morgan, B. German Frequency Word Book. New York: Macmillan. Ortmann, Wolf Dieter Ruoff, Arno Scherer, George A. Boulder, CO: self-published. Schmid, Helmut Hochfrequente deutsche Wortformen. Munich: Goethe Scott, Michael Alan Basic Spoken German Word List. Englewood Cliffs, Swenson: Rodney NJ: Prentice-Hall. Journal of English Linguistics, 32, 2, — Dissertation Abstracts, A—A.

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  7. Jetzt muss ich zwei Stunden warten. Bless you! Gibbs ist Rubens Klassenlehrer.

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    Die Haftung des Gardien im franzosischen Zivilrecht : Art. Huebner New York ; London : D. Kunstdruckerei G. Jannott [S. Berliner Gruppe , [? Kimball [et al. Legislative Assembly. Reden und Vortrage nach stenographischer Aufnahme Berlin : E. Elwert'sche Verlagsbuchhandlung, G. Kalveram Wiesbaden : Betriebswirtschaftlicher Verlag Th.

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    Hermann , [? Stellios Chr. Mai bis 2. Karrenberg [Essen : Gemeinwohl ,? Karstadt Jena : G. Arias Bonet Valladolid : A. Tubingen : J. Bericht uber eine Reise zum Studium des Versicherungswesens in den U. Keller und H. Klarr [S. April Bern : K. Kersten ; mit einem Kostenteil von H. Kuntzel Berlin : C. Marz Regierungsblatt S. Selbsthilfe zur gesetzl.

    Kimball Ann Arbor [Michigan] : [s. Gartners Buchdruckereri , Bansa ; herausgegeben von F. Klausing, H. Nipperdey, A.