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Author Christopher Tomlins will be joined by a panel of distinguished scholars to talk about the book, and copies will be available for purchase. He has a Ph.

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Tomlins is primarily a legal historian whose interests and research are cast very broadly — from sixteenth century England to twentieth century America; from the legal culture of work and labor to the interrelations of law and literature; from the jurisprudence of Francisco de Vitoria of Salamanca to the historical materialism of Walter Benjamin. Linda Colley , the Shelby M.

Britons: Forging the Nation , which won the Wolfson Prize for History, investigated how - and how far - the inhabitants of England, Scotland, and Wales came to see themselves as British over the course of the 18 th and early 19 th centuries. Supported by this award, she spent the next five years researching the experiences of the thousands of Britons who were taken captive in North America, South Asia, and the Mediterranean and North Africa between and as the British Empire expanded.

In , she was elected a Fellow of the British Academy.

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Freedom Bound is available to pre-order at www. BHP Comics is Scotland's only independent graphic novel publisher. Founded in as a creators cooperative under the publishing banner Black Hearted Press, BHP began by making experimental self-published works before developing into a socially conscious publishing company in and rebranding as BHP Comics.

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BHP also produce comic book events across the country including workshops, talks, exhibitions as well as the critically acclaimed and popular comic book festival — Glasgow Comic Con est and ECAF - Edinburgh Comic Art Festival est Warren Pleece is a UK based comics illustrator with over twenty years of experience.

He has worked for DC Comics, Vertigo, AD and many more throughout his career, creating both comics and graphic novels. Pleece engages with a range of genres in his work but has a passion for historical fiction. Though I have worked on political material before and drawn and written period pieces, Freedom Bound has been a unique experience, not just for me, but for all the team involved.


We're very excited about Freedom Bound going into schools as a supplementary teaching tool. A basic assumption of liberalism in the s was that equal protection of constitutional rights would afford all Americans, regardless of color, an equal chance to amass wealth, influence, and stature.

Yet civil rights laws alone could not overcome the effects of past discrimination and lingering prejudice, nor did these laws substantially alter the economic system that had long permitted vast disparities of wealth and privilege, to the disadvantage of most blacks. Leaders such as Martin Luther King, Jr. Unlike the earlier drive for desegregation and voting rights laws, however, this demand for equality of condition failed to sway most liberal reformers, who held that the social order was already basically sound and that merit, rather than race, class, or other circumstances of birth, chiefly determined one's life chances.

The liberal coalition of the s thus wrought, in effect, a self-limiting revolution that abolished formal barriers to equality while leaving intact the basic features of a system in which blacks had played a subordinate, marginal role. For all these limitations, blacks never wholly rejected the liberal alliance, which provided a mainstream vehicle for advancement that no alternative political course could rival.

Ghetto-based separatists offered racial pride and.