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Moscow: Nauka, Anarina and T. According to the entry the co-author is Tatiana Petrovna Grigoreva, not N. Nina Anarina, who published a study of noh in and a translation of Fushi kaken in Gundert Wilhelm Gundert. Teele calculates that "[f]or practical purposes, ten may be considered as complete, though some lines have been omitted.

Lombard F. An Outline History of Japanese Drama. London: Allen and Unwin, Earlier chapters contain translations from performance genres that influenced noh, including kagura, ennen, and dengaku.

Magli Adriano Magli, ed. Lo spettacolo sacro nei testi arcaici e primitivi.

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Milano: Guanda, An anthology that contains translations of: Ukai "Il pescatore col cormorano" , Minobu , Seiganji. Tokyo: Sekibundo, Details from Teele who comments that "Minagawa's translations deserve more attention than they have received. Note that other translations by Fenollosa have since emerged, either in Fenollosa's own hand or in Pound's typed transcription. Translation of Ikkaku sennin with a study of unicorn legends. The first German translation of a noh play. I have examined the British Library copy.

See: Webcat and Nichibunken two photographic reproductions. Ochi , Reiko.

O'Neill O'Neill, P. O'Neill P. London: Lund Humphies, The editor of the journal was Michel Revon , later to publish a widely-read anthology of Japanese literature. Renondeau Gaston Renondeau. Tokyo: Maison franco-japonaise, Also Ukai , Yuki. Recheck edition. Revon Michel Revon. Paris: Ch. Delagreve, Richard Kenneth L.

Pretty Boys in the Noh. Internet Edition, Ken made them available on genji I feared the translations lost forever with the disappearance of the site. Fortunately it proved possible to recover the materials through the copy made by the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. I have taken the precaution of making available backup copies in PDF format as well as links to Internet Archive.

Shimazaki 1 Chifumi Shimazaki. God Noh. Tokyo: Hinoki Shoten, Battle Noh Book 2. Ueda Ueda, Makoto. Lincoln, Nebraska: University of Nebraska Press, Rivas Vicuna Francisco Rivas Vicuna.

Japanese Plays : A. L. Sadler :

Tokyo: Skip to main content. Fuerring, Jacob. Japan Arts Council. The Oxford Kyogen Project. Translations Asian Theatre Journal Brazell, Karen ed. New York: Columbia University Press, Haynes, Carolyn Martha. Cornell University Includes translations of eight of the plays.

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Kenny, Don. The Book of Kyogen in English. Tokyo: Dramabooks Gekishobo , Tokyo: The Japan Times, Thirty-one plays, divided by categories servant plays, woman plays, etc. McKinnon, Richard N.

Japanese Plays : Classic Noh, Kyogen and Kabuki Works

Tokyo: Uniprint, l Nine plays with commentary. Morley, Carolyn Anne. Ithaca, N. Sakanishi, Shio. Rutland, VT: Tuttle, Twenty-two plays and a useful introduction. Japanese theater and society Ackroyd, Joyce. Arnott, Peter. The Theatres of Japan. London: Macmillan, Excellent introduction. Brandon, James R. The Cambridge Guide to Asian Theatre.

Cambridge, Eng. Princeton, N. Pronko, Leonard C.

Guide to Japanese Drama. Boston: G. Hall, Annotated bibliography. Ortolani, Benito. Leiden: Brill, ; rev. Raz, Jacob.