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Jesus Calling for Christmas Sarah Young. Jonathan Cahn. Music See All. Look Up, Child Lauren Daigle. Lauren Daigle. Si Andrea Bocelli. Andrea Bocelli. Elvis Presley. Each week we tell a story of a God whose life is buried inside death. We trust that in every loss we encounter new life is waiting, ready to spring up.

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I will depart from St. There will be a lot of change and some uncertainty. However, St. Our practices are deeply rooted and our identity is well-formed.

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As we often sing at St. How do take in this news as a community? Transitions are hard on congregations. Things are changing! And she constrained us. When she opened her house to Paul and Timothy, what did she feed them? It would certainly have included leafy vegetables and bread, along with garum the ubiquitous highly salted fish sauce of the Roman diet , and perhaps fish or meat if Paul was considered a particularly honored guest. The food would have been accompanied by wine, diluted appropriately with water.

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The cook might have been cautioned against preparing stuffed dormice--a frequent delicacy--since the most common stuffing involved pork. The final course would have involved dried and fresh fruits and perhaps some pastries. Ascough, Liturgical Press, , pages Ascough describes in detail the world in which Lydia Purpuraria lived and the economy in which she worked.

It was sometimes applied to a woman's cheeks or lips as a cosmetic, but by far the most important use of purple was in the clothes of the upper ranks. The toga, which only Roman citizens were allowed to wear, was given a purple border as a mark of distinction. Click here for the Wikipedia article on Tyrian purple, with an illustration of the shade. To see a picture of a St. Lydia Purpuraria doll, click here. To see a demonstration of how to prepare Scungilli Fra Diavlo, a dish made of the mollusk from which Tyrian purple dye is obtained, click here.

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