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Ralph, a young cutter in the canning factory, was photographed with a badly cut finger. Lewis Hine found many several children here that had cut fingers, and even the adults said they could not help cutting themselves on the job.

Eastport, Maine, August Many children worked at mills. These boys here at the Bibb Mill in Macon, Georgia, were so small they had to climb the spinning frame just to mend the broken threads and put back the empty bobbins. January Young boys working in the coal mines were often referred to as Breaker Boys. Father sits around. New York City, December After 9 p. His father told Hine that he is the youngest demonstrator in America, and has been doing it for years from San Francisco to New York, staying at a place about a month at a time.

April Katie, age 13, and Angeline, age 11, hand-stitch Irish lace to make cuffs.

Lead Mining Towns of Southwest Wisconsin Images of America

New York City, January Many newsies stayed out late at night to try and sell their extras. The youngest boy in this group is 9 years-old. Washington, D. But if you see something that doesn't look right, click here to contact us! Twice a week we compile our most fascinating features and deliver them straight to you. Will Charlottesville be the beginning of the end of this reborn generation of American Nazis?

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The rise and fall of the German-American Bund in the late s is essentially the story of the man behind it: Fritz Julius Kuhn. A German-born veteran of the Bavarian infantry during World War I, Kuhn was an early devotee of Adolf Hitler who emigrated to the United States for economic reasons in and got a job as a factory worker for Ford.

Geostationary Satellite Images — SSEC

After a few years in the U. At the time, imitation Nazi parties were sprouting up throughout the world, and, at least initially, Hess and Hitler hoped to use them to incorporate new areas, particularly in Europe, into the Greater Reich. In , Hess ordered all German citizens to resign from FONG, and he recalled its leaders to Germany, effectively putting the kibosh to it.

Kuhn, who had just become a U. Just as Hitler had his own elite guard, the SS , Kuhn had his, the Ordnungsdienst or OD, who were charged with both protecting him and keeping order at Bund events. Although the OD were forbidden to carry firearms, they did carry blackjacks and truncheons, which they had no compunctions about using on non-fascist heads, as they did at an April Bund meeting in the Yorkville neighborhood of Manhattan, when seven protesters were injured by members of the OD.

Like the German Nazi Party, the Bund was divided into different districts for the eastern, western and midwestern sections of the country.

Kuhn also oversaw the establishment of a score of gated training and summer camps with Teutonic-sounding names like Camp Siegfried and Camp Nordland in rural areas around the northeast, where his card-carrying volk could be indoctrinated in the American Nazi way, while their dutiful fraulein polished their German cooking skills and their brassard-wearing kinder could engage in singalongs while practicing their fraternal Seig Heil s. Every so often, Kuhn would pull up in his motorcade, bless the proceedings and deliver himself of a sulfurous Hitler-style harangue—in English.

Tamara Lanier claims the university has profited off the images of her ancestors

Its meetings each drew up to several thousand visitors, and its activities were closely followed by the FBI. With the anti-Semitic radio broadcaster the Rev. Nor did they mind the Kristallnacht of November , the nationwide German pogrom set off by the assassination of a German diplomat by a Jew in Paris, which led to nearly deaths, scores more injuries and the decimation of what remained of German-Jewish life.

Now, he decided, as the sea of opprobrium rose around him, was the moment to step into the spotlight and show just how strong the Bund was. Although the mass demonstration was intended for Bund members, walk-ins from sympathetic Nazi-minded American citizens also were welcome. Any doubts on that score were quickly allayed, as the 20, Nazi faithful who had driven or flown in from every corner of Swastika Nation filed into the great hall.

Meanwhile, an even larger crowd of counterdemonstrators, eventually estimated at close to ,, filled the surrounding midtown Manhattan streets.

American Nazis in the 1930s—The German American Bund

Americans could judge the poisonous result for themselves. As drums rolled, an honor guard of young American Nazis marched in bearing the flags of the U. Anti-Semitism, naturally, was a major theme of the venomous rhetoric that issued forth as the newsreel cameras rolled. Franklin D.