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Cute, Girls, and Tumblr: jake ImACatFisch Some girls say calling a guy daddy is weird but they think getting called baby girl is cute make up your mind am I your father or not 20, 36, ridge. Mind, Been, and Joe: Joe Gjoespacerogors Jun 30 Do you want to be seen or not mate Rex nokiabae: it's been 4 months and I can't stop thinking about this tweet Make up your mind dammit! I'm with my girl We back together. Part 1. It means to make up your mind to accept a challenge and do everything in your power to accomplish your goal.

Children, Feminism, and Girls: kanayathinksmapsaregross wanting to fuck a child is not okay marriedtojbiebs for fucksake. I'm not going to share my real name, because I don't want to get castrated, so let's go with John Smith. I am physically and emotionally attracted to both little girls and adult women, and while I'm sure that's all most of you need to know to make up your mind about me, I'm going to tell you more anyways.

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I am starting this blog with the hopes of clearing up some misconceptions about myself and others like me, and to that end I would love to answer any questions anyone might want to ask. I will respond to disagreement, but not abuse for the sake of abuse. PSLE will be the most important exam in your life! O Levels will be the most important exam in your life! IN UN Better take this seriously!

Your GPA will be the most important thing in your life! COM Make up your mind.

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Mind, Make, and Make Up: Make up your mind. Af, America, and Facebook: Mentally ill should not have access to 0 Trans should be allowed in the military! Ex's, Fall, and Friends: Oh yes I am You hear me?!?! Y'all choose to follow me everyday and I don't take that lightly. God has given me a mandate to get you healed and better.

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To walk in your purpose and calling after the storm. Carrying that victim mentality like you'll win an award for it.. The Air Force needs to make up its mind about what it wants from the OA-X program and needs to do so pretty quickly. The draft request for proposal RFP is on the street. The final version is expected to be published in December with an acquisition decision by the fourth quarter of fiscal year Here are a few examples:.

If the Air Force most desires that the OA-X address the need for cockpits in which to put new pilots, essentially a trainer, then affordability is the most important characteristic for any offering.

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Of course, since the Air Force is about to announce an award in the T-X trainer competition, why would it want another one? Similarly, an LAA intended for partner countries would, out of necessity, below cost and relatively low technology. Sopheap Im Sopheap Im 3 1 1 bronze badge. There are 4 words there.

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Do you mean the phrase? Yes, I want to know meaning of whole phrase: make up someone's mind.

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Please edit your question to include what you've found so far, and why it didn't help. Here are some dictionaries you can try.

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I couldn't make up my mind whether I wanted tacos or burritos. The writer has a choice to make but is having trouble making the choice. Another example of a choice, this time with the reason for the decision included. It's useless to try to reason with him once he has made up his mind. Another example where the phrase means that a person won't change their thinking. Michael Michael 6 6 bronze badges.