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One must understand the game and play it with keen practicality, not with undisciplined abandon. Kipling caught on to this truth fairly early in his life, and once he did, he not only played well, he became the high priest of practicality, proclaiming it as the most underrated of all virtues. Unable to display preview.

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Paine, Albert W. Letter of introduction for Jabez True. Parsons, Prof. Woods, Prof. Pond, mesmerism, Dr. Smith, Mrs. Wood, Newton. Subscription matters. York, William. Stevenson, Thomas.

Sampson Reed – Swedenborg Foundation

Pasted in item Sample of engraving. Joslyn, Hezekiah. Loomis, I. Preparing lectures on the New Church. Fanning, Mr. Prescott of Cincinnati. Death and the spiritual perception of the Word. Caball, N. Response to Dr. I must confess that portions of it, where questions of veracity have been so prominent, have been rather painful to me. My organization is so sensitive that these things fall upon it sharply.

The Sage and His Mystic: Ralph Waldo Emerson and Emanuel Swedenborg

I am glad to see, however, that you have met these fierce assaults with much coolness and good nature. It may be harmless to be reviled, if we revile not again! I have always had a presentiment that your old Calvinistic friends would not let you off, without a token from them which it would not be easy to forget. Mandell, D. The second advent. Cabell, N.

Sandars Lectures 2018-19: Lecture One

Response to Pond and Woods. Cralle of Lynchburg, Mr. Barrett, C. Elder, Wm. Letter of support. Pond against the New Church. Wick, W. Sturtevant, T. Business matters. Tafel, A. Hayden, W. Concerning a reply to Dr. Ponds by Hayden. Mr Allen, Mr. Arnold, [George? Reply to Dr. James, Barrett.

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Murdoch, John. Money and subscription matters. Beymouth, Charles E.

Huntington, B. Whitaker, David H. Replies to Pond and Woods. Sterry, Dewitt C. Animal Magnetism and J. Pon and Dr. Barker, James. Augustine, Aug. A life-long reader of Swedenborg. Kierulff, C.

Lesher, Jacob. Charles W. Eldridge, Mr. John Allen. Woods and Dr. Haven, C. The resurrection, the annihilation of the wicked. Smith, Harrison. Invitation to deliver a lecture. Wellington, O. Wilder, Alexander. Objections to NC teaching. Comments on particular numbers of the writings.

Eldez, William. The Genius of Freedom. Structure of Convention. Landis, R. Sidney, NJ, Nov. Albany, Nov. Old vs.