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I capture trips that always got missed when I recorded by hand. This app is everything a self-employed driver needs for mileage recording. It is remarkably easy to use which is great for someone always on the go like myself. I also love that you can classify mileage from the notification bar while using another app. This is an amazing app. Just what I needed! Not often an app exceeds expectations. This one has! This is one of the best apps I have ever used.

Simple, effective and valuable. Worth twice its cost in value. I no longer have to keep mileage on my calendar and add everything up at the end of the year. Love, love, love this app!! Been using this app since Love Everlance! Great app!

Everlance App Reviews

As a traveling salesman, tracks miles and saves all my receipts. My CPA loves me! Can't get much easier than this! Great for rideshare drivers. Everlance is a great app and makes it easy to keep track of all my mileage for different trips. Love it! For the most part, the app is well done. Mostly works well. And they are on the side of small businesses a new businesses, which I am :- much appreciated.

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Thank you guys Classifying a trip or expenses is super easy. I am an independent contractor and absolutely LOVE this app. It tracks all of my mileage and business expenses.

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I can not recommend this app highly enough! Love this app! No more tracking mileage via paper or spreadsheets.

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  • Everlance App Reviews - User Reviews of Everlance!
  • Reporting to the IRS is a breeze. I love that this app auto tracks all my travel! This makes things so easy on me at tax time. This app is very easy to use and keeps great track of my miles. Thanks guys! Premium is so worth it! I have found that it is accurate and it works well. Everlance keeps track of my trips automatically.

    It misses trips every so often, but when I was keeping them manually, I missed waaaaay more. Takes the effort out of what is usually a big task. Works great and always tracks accurate. This app is really helpful. Before finding this application through a friend I almost never logged miles and expenses related to my job, to charitable organizations, or just every day items. This app rocks! I have been using this app for a couple of months now.

    Everlance App Reviews - User Reviews of Everlance

    It has really given me a lot of confidence in my ability to properly track and save both business and medical expenses that require such documentation. It only takes a few minutes to properly set up, is very intuitive in its set up and in its use, and is simple to use on a daily basis. This app is user friendly, and removes the hassle of remembering to log my miles. I have recommended to every agent in my office This app is so helpful for my business travel and other tax deductible travel. So easy to use and print reports! I use it to document where I am for tax purposes and to submit mileage and expenses for work.

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    The premium version lets me slice and dice the data and present as pdf or spreadsheet. Had issue once in 12 months and service responded promptly and fixed the problem. Easy to use, good tracking. Really helps to classify things and keep up to date. Highly recommend!! This app really helps keep my business and volunteering miles on track. Easy to use and reliable! Almost mindlessly tracks all my mileage. All the reports and documentation i needed for my taxes.

    This app is the air tight way to create an audit proof mileage log. I am a CPA and do tax returns a year and I recommend this app to all my business clients. The app has taken what used to be a tedious difficult task and made it brainless and so easy! I use this app to track my drives for my real estate business. This is the easiest mileage app ever. It reminds you to log if you want and shows a time, date and map in case you forgot where you went.

    Just swipe left for personal and right for work miles. This app is so easy to use! I am able to track two different gigs that I do separately all in one app! Plus, I can separate out my personal trips. The full version of this app pays for it self in no time! This app was very helpful in tracking my mileage and for filing my taxes. Simple to use, convenient, and worth the subscription. The auto-detect feature is my favorite, no need to remember to track miles. Very happy. Stable and accurate. Everlance is an essential part of our business.

    Easy cheesy lemon squeezey! Easiest way to track mileage and work expenses. I love this app, and my accountant loves this app. I love the auto capture feature because sometimes I forget to log the mileage. The app has already tracked it.