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During an infection, the memory of successful immune cells is saved for possible later infections in specialized cells, providing a possibly life-long immunity. With each immune cell being different, the immune system runs an evolutionary selection process against pathogens. This way, our immune system is able to catch up with the rate of evolutionary changes of pathogens. What is remarkable is how a principle like evolution shows up in itself. It could be called a moment of self-reflection: it is the story of the process of evolution discovering that evolution itself is the best way to adapt to an ever-changing environment.

As with everything in nature, there was no sudden appearance of the adaptive immune system. It built upon all the mechanisms that came before. We see few remnants of the previous immune systems in our body. This is simply due to the fact that it is constantly being optimized. Every generation does it a little bit better and you never really see any jump that suddenly introduces a completely new system.

The key to understanding evolution is noticing how all the intermediary steps improved the system. Let us now look at how, specifically, the adaptive immune system works in the body. Please note that this is a simplified explanation. We have already noted that with the adaptive immune system , all your cells carry a unique marker.

T-cells originate from stem cells in the bone marrow and are developed in the thymus to have a random configuration. That means that they can recognize different markers with a different efficiency. Once out in the bloodstream, a T-cell that docks successfully with a pathogen will multiply. So, we can still be infected by diseases to which we have immunity, but the adaptive immune system then works so quickly at preventing any significant spread that we do not notice. Likewise, if children do not encounter certain pathogens early in life, allergies can be the result where the immune system thinks that harmless plant or animal proteins are actually dangerous pathogens that deserve a full immune response.

Obviously, our immune system also makes it difficult for whole foreign organs with different markers to be transplanted into the body: without additional medication to suppress the adaptive immune system , transplanted organs are rejected. Knowing how our immune system works and understanding how it originally developed will help us in the future to treat autoimmune diseases. This speeds up the immune response because it saves the time of having to adapt to the specific protein structure again.

This opens the door for vaccination: injecting deactivated pathogens lets the immune system create memory cells while not being in danger of a pathogen actually infecting the body.

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Likewise, it needs to be specific to recognize known pathways of attack, like accessing certain network addresses or trying to change sensitive parts of the operating system. With the immune system , we have seen the power of the idea of evolution : it is so ingenious that lifeforms evolved to have within themselves mechanisms that resemble evolution.

And not only can we learn more about evolution from the study of our immune system , but we can also draw analogies and parallels to security systems of any kind, be it online or in the real world.

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We could draw the conclusion that a system of police that takes great care of the innocent and precisely targets criminal is most effective. On the other hand, even such an advanced system as the adaptive immune system can run amok and target itself autoimmune disease , just like an effective police force can end up being used against its own country. Our bodies have evolved to strike a balance between an innate immune system that might be too indiscriminate and an adaptive system that might turn against itself. Further evidence for the Red Queen hypothesis was provided by observing long?

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Sign me up for the newsletter! Previous Next. View Larger Image. About the Author: Clemens Lode. His core approach to philosophy and management is that people need to be more aware of their limits and ultimately their identity and their vulnerabilities.

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Related Posts. Evolution in the Head. The Origin of Life. To be eligible for appointment as a Certified Superload Escort. Certified Superload Escorts will need to be identifiable; escorts are required to provide proof of their appointment upon request.

Escorts from other jurisdictions must be certified in Ontario. Certified Escorts will be required to use a full-size pickup vehicle that are highly visible and easily identifiable. For safety purposes in directing traffic, it is important that over-dimensional vehicle escorts be dressed in clothing that makes them visible to motorists and they use signage that conforms to prevailing standards.

If a Certified Superload Escort uses a hand-held stop sign to direct traffic, the stop sign will need to meet below requirements:. Specifically, Certified Superload Escorts are exempted and permitted to use two-way radios while engaged in their duties.

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In addition to regulatory requirements the ministry will be including the following vehicle specifications under permit conditions for Certified Superload Escort CSE Vehicles:. In addition to the above, annual and project permit holders must provide a private escort warning vehicle on the following highways when the load measurement meets or exceeds the listed widths:.

Annual and project permits for moving heavy vehicles, loads, objects or structures in excess of legal weight limits are not valid on any King's highway during the months of March and April Southern Ontario and March, April and May Northern Ontario. Weights in excess of legal limits are only allowed when specifically authorized to do so under permit conditions. For the purposes of this restriction the boundary between Northern and Southern Ontario is considered to be:.

Permits are not valid on designated reduced load highways, which are posted according to Section 5 of the HTA, under any circumstances. There are very few reduced load highways under provincial jurisdiction. Schedules detailing highways subject to reduced loads are authorized and issued by the Highway Operations and Maintenance Division. Single trip permits may be issued for movements on highways subject to reduced loading restrictions. However, the Weight and Load Engineer must approve these moves.

Annual permits with special weight condition for specific axle weight configurations have an additional condition for reduced load periods. Ontario registration requirements must be met and the operator must be in possession of a valid operating authority. Convoy moves are not permitted. Each load must be separated by at least 45 minutes. When on route, a minimum spacing of 10km is required. Permit holders may encounter construction zones where the horizontal and vertical clearance have been reduced.

Before traveling through any construction zone, the permit holder is responsible for verifying clearances.

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  6. Road construction reports can be obtained by visiting Traveller's Information Services on the Ministry of Transportation website. Road information can also be obtained by calling the Ministry of Transportation Inquiry Centre at A recorded message will provide an update of provincial construction projects.

    Contact the Permit Issuing office if the route specified on your permit requires amending.

    Annual, Special Vehicle Configuration and Project permits have a time sensitive start and end date. Permits are to be renewed prior to the end date as stated on the permit. Any permit s lost or stolen is to be reported directly to the Permit Issuing Office. Option selected when an amendment is required to an approved permit. The permit number is required in space below selection. Maximum width : Vehicle including load - 2. Permit is issued for the movement of overheight however: The load must not be made up of articles loaded or mounted one on top of the other in a manner that will create additional height.

    Permit is issued for the movement of overlength however: The load must not be made up of articles loaded or mounted one behind the other that will create additional length, and any overhang to the rear must not exceed 4. Permit is issued for the movement of overweight however: The load must not be made up of more than one article. Permit Application Process Application forms must be completed in full and may be submitted by fax, e-mail carrier with pre-paid account only or mail to the Ontario Ministry of Transportation MTO Permit Issuing Office.

    Incomplete applications will be returned. What is the effect of the move on the safety and convenience of other highway users? What are the physical characteristics of the proposed route s? Are there any bridge restrictions? What are the traffic conditions likely to be? Are there any special events that may affect traffic?

    What time of year is the proposed move? What are the potential weather conditions? What is the distance to be travelled? How long will it take to complete the move? Where is the move to take place? Can the move be reasonably carried out using alternative means of transportation? Can the load be reduced in size or weight? Is there a Traffic Management Plan in place for exceptional moves?