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In the event we determine, at our discretion, that there is an abuse of the Free Shipping Program of any kind, we reserve the right to cancel, suspend, terminate, recover or recall orders, deliveries, payments and accounts deemed in abuse. RB Rough starts to romanticize about Tamarack after rescuing her from her boat; adrift, without power and headed for a waterfall. All havoc then ensues when her tow domineering sisters arrive; Shurlene and Medika.

RB's two companions, talking Moreloafs, valiantly serve as his crew. The main source. The main source of entertainment for the residents of this quiet world 'Aqua Caverness' is a weekly boat race on the Cauldron River; a river that is one of a multitude of connected rivers on this planet that lacks large oceans. RB is cast over the falls and left for dead.

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He drifts downstream where he is rescued by a diminutive and loving race of beings called Worblers. They nurture RB back to health and help repair his boat. In the winter I find it fun to go snowshoeing and cross country skiing. I like taking beautiful pictures and pictures of beautiful things. When I can find the time my workouts include lifting weights. I like a good cup of coffee or tea. And offshoot of my cooking website is my recipe website. Website Link: recipes-thomas. I love creative writing and have four websites that share what I have written. Often when I am writing I feel as if I am writing in order to share my perspective with a son or daughter, something that might be helpful to them.

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The Voyage of the Cauldron Skipper

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This is a link to my website on Politics and what I feel we should be doing as a country. The Two Brothers remained lost until , when maritime archaeologists participating in a NOAA expedition in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands discovered a large early 19th-century anchor in the shallow waters of French Frigate Shoals.

The team suspected from the beginning that the wreckage belonged to the Two Brothers, but they lacked strong evidence until , when more artifacts, including the tip of a whaling harpoon, were discovered.

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Also, "blacksmiths would have also etched the name of a ship on the harpoon, because if a harpooned whale got away, they wanted to make sure whoever caught it next knew that the whale was already claimed. The artifacts are currently undergoing treatment, and it will be several more months before it's known whether the Two Brothers initials are indeed etched on the harpoon tip, which is heavily encrusted. In the meantime, Gleason and her team say they're confident that the wreckage was the Two Brothers. The shipwreck at French Frigate Shoals is clearly a vessel out of Nantucket in the s, based on the dates and provenience of dozens of artifacts.

Among the recovered artifacts are broken pieces of ceramic plates that may have belonged to Captain Pollard himself. These are not the plates of the crew," Gleason said. Other artifacts include try-pots—big iron cauldrons used to boil down whale blubber into oil—iron cooking pots, and a small grinding wheel, probably for sharpening tools.

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Very little wood from the ship has been recovered, but this isn't surprising, as the region's warm waters, rough waves, and marine animals would have quickly deteriorated the wood, Gleason added. The recovered artifacts are currently being restored and will eventually be displayed at Papahanaumokuakea's Mokupapapa Discovery Center in Hilo, Hawaii. In the meantime, Gleason said, the team plans to continue surveying and documenting the shipwreck site.

Ben Simons, chief curator of the Nantucket Historical Association, said he's very excited by the discovery of the Two Brother' s remains. See pictures of the wreck. Read Caption.