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Violence at Work

Joining a Trade Union. Sexual Harassment at Work. A rift between a colleague and I had been brewing for a few weeks, I have tried to talk to the 3rd party but he flat refused to engage in conversation. As the situation started to affect the business and customers I brought it to the managers attention. I believe the manager spoke to the 3rd party in question but unsure what was said and or agreed, this was 5 days ago. Today an issue arose, whilst trying to sort it out with two of other colleagues he started singing and making silly immature comments about the situation.

Once the problem had been rectified I asked a colleague what was all that about, him singing stupid things n that? Mi77er - Nov PM. I had two instances where I was in a similar situation. One situation happened in late March of and it was based on a coworker who went up to me and started yelling at me and getting in my face, literally, he almost kissed me, is how close he was.

He cussed me out for no reason since I have not had problems with him. I quit because I felt like my self being was in danger. He recently as of today meant a gesture as if he was going to hit me as I moved out of the way for him to walk by since we were both walking towards each other.

4 Types of Workplace Violence

I faked a little smile to get him off my back. What can I do for any of these two situations. Reasons96 - Oct PM. A work colleague has pushed his face in mine and poke his finger in my face plus verbally abuse me plus he is well known to take drugs Paul - Oct AM. I instantly requested for this to be delt with formally This was reported to the on duty managers imidiattly and we where separated in the warehouse.

Should this not have been done closer to the incident?? Will - Oct AM. A week ago a coworker who was stressed and upset verbally attacked me because i asked for my tables food repeatedly. This was done in front of fellow coworkers and loud enough for guest to hear. I immediately told the mod and said i would go home since i was distraught. I then returned wrote a statement and teturned a few fays later to speak with gm I have clearly expressed i do not feel comfortable working with this person.

This employees mother is a manager at the same location. Do i have any rights? Meme - 8-Oct PM. Last night in work a colleague grabbed me by the arm rather aggressively to stop me from doing something. This isn't the first incident we have had where before she has screamed in my face while holding her finger very closely to my face. I am pregnant and feel completely uncomfortable around this person and her erratic mood swings. I'm not sure what to do. Liv - 8-Oct AM. I work with autistic and challenging behaviour some staff where I work don't do they are supposed to I reportedthings to our team leader as I thought they should know what's going on but now the other staff as found out and keep making remarks now nearly all the staff don't speak or help me at work starting to question me everything I do and when I finished my shift one staff shouted the through the door after I went out "in hate you" I don't know weather they were joking or not.

Baggie - 5-Oct PM. Where do I stand when an employer threatens to smack my face but no one is there to hear it. Bingbongben - 1-Oct AM. I had a co-worker in another department assault me starting with flipping antifreeze jug at me getting antifreeze on my pants, possibly could have got on my eyes if I hadn't jumped back. Then the antifreeze jug was thrown at me after co-worker had emptied it.

Possible control measures

After this was done, co-worker flipped his knife out in a aggressive manner and put it to my chest with tip of the knife touching my chest. I'm not satisfied with this, he should have been fired because he's a bully and I told Management this. Management wants me to talk to this guy so he can apologize and it's settled. This is still bothering me and the incident happened Jan 1st I have a question, what if you scared a work mate surprise scare and they responded by putting there hands around your neck and attempted to choke you???

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Isn't that assault? Chrisyb - 9-Sep AM. I have a question, what if you scared a work mate surprise scare and they responded by putting there's hands around your neck and attempt to choke you??? She left suddenly in the new year and there was a shutdown over why. I have been told today that an ex client had been threatening her for 2 years ,sending threats to her at home and finally a physical assault. At her own admission she was scared, she told her boss and was ignored. Consequently worry , sleepless nights, her work standard dropped, she made mistakes and suffered a complete stress induce breakdown.

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She has received no help from the mutual. As she was self employed, she has no rights, why is this. Whocanshetalkto - Aug AM. I have today been threatened on work grounds whilst with customers by 2 boys on mopeds. FYI I did absolutely nothing to antagonise these boys. They have pulled out 2 hammers from their seats and I was chased back to my office.

I am terrified to go back.

Workplace Violence Training Video

I got into an altercation at work with a coworker. He admitted this in his written statement and to the boss verbally. Do I have a case against him? Richard - Jun AM. I've been attacked twice now yesterday really bad by my boss he is my next door neighbour Dave - Jun PM. My boss threw a bottle at me at a meeting with all my coworkers were there and witness it that we were not getting paid for then threaten to fire me what do I do Pedro - 2-Jun AM. I am a new server, I was working my shift in the Morning a Guest looked at a high chair and asked if the high chair was to Kill and Bury a Server?

I reported the comment to the Manager, Supervisor and Shift Lead and they just laughed about it.. I asked them to go the table and they refused Suddenly there was issues with my food being cooked correctly and I was cut off the floor Should I at least make a police report Laurie - May PM. Today this afternoon i was working at shop my colleague was angry since morning he had fight with one customer and he started scolding customer and then after he hit one uncle at work place with pump truck and then he attack on me and now my back is paining i am not able work with my right hand as it is paining a lot and i got mentally harass and bullying by the same person and there was one lady who is my witness who shows her to attack on me and she is so scared as well but that man is so dangerous as we can not work with him and we report this complain to management and they did not take any action i hope i will get an appointment from my GP soon so i can check my self and that was so horrible day i had at work now even i m getting scare to go work.

I do not know what to do i can not work with him he carry knife all the time at work and while hitting me he was saying like if he had knife or road he must have killed me. But i do not have any witness for the same so i do not know how i can prove this but i am sure that i am so scared and i more concern about my life now and my mental as well as physical condition is critical. K - 2-May PM. Hi, So the new supervisor just joined the shop I work at only been here 5 months.

I am currently pregnant.

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  • He keeps pushing me n getting in my way all the time. Do I take this further or do I just keep a note all the times he does it.

    Violence in the workplace guide

    I have been threatened by a security guard also employed by the same company during my shift. He was berbally abusing and threatened me to smash my f. I have reported it to my line manager and I have written a personal statement and i officially complained about him. At the moment it seems like they want to have a meeting with him but doesn't seem like they are going to fire him. Workers who are first responders in an emergency—police, paramedics, emergency hospital staff, security officers and fire fighters—or in correctional services or the health and aged care sectors, are the most likely to be exposed to workplace violence.

    However, it can happen in any industry. If you manage or control a workplace, you need to make sure workers and others in the workplace are not exposed to risks to their health and safety from workplace violence. To determine the likelihood that someone could potentially be harmed in your workplace through workplace violence, you could ask questions such as:. The best way to do reduce the likelihood of workplace violence is to eliminate the risk of exposure to it.

    Prevention and management of workplace violence requires an integrated organisational approach.