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Published by St. Martin's Press, New Condition: New Hardcover. Save for Later. About this title Synopsis: "What was I Thinking? I will be sure to try and get her to rest as much as possible so that she can get better soon. My mother is 89 and fell face first on a cement bathroom floor on which she has a lump on her forehead and two black eyes.

She is also having a hard time concentrating. She was seen at the hospital and was sent home. Same thing happened to me a couple of weeks ago. Tips for recovery post concussion. I have question I got up and felt fine afterwards and tried to laugh it off. My cousin thought I was seriously hurt cos it sounded like I literally cracked my head. I never went to the doc or hospital cos I felt fine. Amanda, I think you should get a checkup I hope you get better!

It was July 4th , It was about 8pm, a very warm evening and I was in my bedroom the side of the bed,had just opened the dual windows, turned fan on and started to take a folded Qn -size sheet and had begun the process of flipping it out to lay over the bed.. I went to Dr but other than swelling they didn't find a bleed. So I was advised to rest. NOW - Since this event, I've had Ringing in my ears daily, increase in my migraine headaches, light sensitivity to the point I have to have darkened glasses as my pupils once dilated do not go down and cause much eye pain. It has now affecting my legs ,like internal shivering for days,and bouts of very spastic involuntary movements when I try to walk around, especially if I am fatigue.

Sleep - chronic insomnia despite medication. I really appreciate any advice.. Thank you very much. A few days ago I was in the woodwork class at my school, there's a kind of loft in it where they store spare wood. I was climbing down the ladder leading up to it and jumped down the last few steps. I miscalculated and hit my forehead full on the metal garage door. I went to the nurses office and felt fine. But it's been three days and now I'm beginning to feel sick. Like I have a headcold. There's slight swelling on my forehead that hasn't gone down and it feels like there's pressure on it.

The list of symptoms don't really help because for a few weeks now it takes a while for me to fall asleep and I'm always stressed at School, and I've never had a good memory, plus I'm partially sighted in my left eye and never wear my glasses so sometimes everything is blurry. I'm sixteen and never really exercise aside from some rock climbing. Please give me some advice? I wonder if I could get dementia or something later on because of the accident. I was in an accident at work four months ago. A bar smashed me on the head comparable to a house smacking me on top the head.

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My hard hat saved my life. First month I slept, maybe awake for two hours a day and in so much pain I thought I may not wake up. I still have memory loss, ear pain, headaches, extreme fatigue, some coordination problems, concentrating problems.

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The list goes on. I can work at something for about ten minutes and need a break.

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WSIB says I have been off long enough and need to get back to work. They say pushing myself will help me heal faster. I know when I get tired my symptoms get worse. My dizziness and shakes take over. No one is listening. What can I do. I am afraid of getting worse. A bar slammed down on top of my head. It had built up hydraulic pressure.

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I was not wearing a hard hat. I have had 9 weeks of different therapies, and am now doing physical therapy for neck pain. I have terrible migraines, double vision, and mood swings. I returned to work in April, mainly bc I could no longer afford it. My employer has been less than helpful, not to mention accommodating in any way.

Some days, I feel totally alone in this. They do not even cooperate with time off for therapy and appointments. I am a salary employee, been here for over 30 years. Have you experienced any of this treatment. I have experienced problems with speech, memory loss, and fatigue.

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I see a neurologist who specializes in concussion. I feel there is no end in sight. Hellllloooo fellow TBI fighters We show animals And here comes a running lb steer running at me. His legs grabbed my waist pulled my head on a boulder We will all find the way I read your comment and though not nice glad someone in cattle shared their story.

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On August 28, as my grandson was getting ready to head out to a show a stray dog came up from behind and scared the 7 month old, green still, Brahman heifer. My face was stepped on though she tried to jump over me. Mid concussion, broken nose and a bruised face for a month. Bred and raised Brahmans all my life, my kids showed, breaking them is easy, until a dang stray dog came from behind us, the barn, and scared her.

I was in a car accident about 2 years ago now. I know how truly harsh it can feel exactly. I forget so many important things like it never was a part of my life. Appointments I miss, scheduling appointments at the same time and not realizing it, forgetting what I was talking or thinking about, losing words that I know and have used all my life, tremors and shaky movements that come and go, etc I feel like I am crazy now, and people have asked me if I am drunk when I don't drink alcohol.

I know better than to dis-respect others, so I isolate myself to prevent outbursts that I cannot control, and to avoid interacting in ways that others don't deserve. I feel like a different person completely, and it is something I try not to think about. I finally have some resolution financially to try and address my body, but I worry it's just a money pit in waiting that will produce minimal results.

It's been 2 years, and I treated with therapy for as long as insurance allowed before the money was used. You are not alone, and I hope you know that our heart's can still guide your ways matter how broken, even if we find ourselves acting out on a whim. I know I feel bad afterwards, and I wish that I hadn't went ballistic out of nowhere, but it's just a part of whatever went wrong in our brains. Someday there will be better treatments and care, but until that day comes all we can do is try to be the best we can be, especially towards others.

What Was I Thinking?: 58 Bad Boyfriend Stories

That is my take on a hard truth that I face, and I hope you see that it's not your fault. Wow this could be me saying this Joshua. I had a head on crash three years ago. I can relate to each and every symptom you list.