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What if he gets turned off by my greeting? And if I do greet, do I say how much he means to me?

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Better not. Is this progress?

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Sometimes you don't really know if he loves you. Because there are hardly any sweet words and actions coming from him. You hardly have any pictures together.

18 Funny Love Quotes For The Most UN-Romantic Men

He's not into selfies, and he's not into couple shots or selfies with you. You don't expect him to update his relationship status on Facebook. Not now, not ever. You guys have no theme song. Actually, you do. For your first date, first kiss, first time you held hands. He just doesn't remember any of it and you don't bring it up so he won't get embarrassed. Your partner is not the person to watch rom-coms with.

Why Romance Is Unromantic

You probably don't want him watching with you too because you know he'll just get bored or something. And you don't want to be worrying about how he feels when you're getting kilig.

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  • You've wondered what made you fall in love with him if he's so unromantic. Was he always like that?

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    Doesn't seem like it. See More. General Fiction. Heat Rating: Sizzling. You're So Unromantic 2 by Roland Graeme. Wish List In Wish List.

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    Gift Book. More From You're So Unromantic. You're So Unromantic Roland Graeme. You're So Unromantic 2 Roland Graeme. You're So Unromantic 3 Roland Graeme. All Books In Bookshelf. Hell, I know I could.

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    With you, anyway. Nick put down his coffee cup, rose from his chair, and drew Austin into his arms. Read more.

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    But men can't take all the blame for the confusion. It seems that women might have appreciated certain types of affection more during the dating phase, and less so once the relationship got serious. Some of the things that seemed "cute" or romantic during the early stages stopped being effective later on — but their men apparently never got the memo! If you're curious to know what women thought was romantic while dating but didn't involve affection, 50 percent stated: Cooking dinner together.

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